Workshop Schedule
September 2022--August 2023


September 27th: Entertain Me!: The 4 Real Reasons for Mass Explained

October 14th: I'm a Fixer-Upper: Confession Explained

November 8th: Memento Mori: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory Explained

December 6th: Joy to the World: The Immaculate Conception and Incarnation Explained

January 10th: Taking the Plunge: Baptizing Babies vs. Adults Explained

February 21st: The Holy Family: Catholic Marriage and Raising Catholic Kids Explained

March 21st: Unveiling Why We Veil: Veiling Explained

April 18th: Soldiers for Christ: Confirmation Explained

May 16th: Prayer: The Holy Rosary Explained

June 13th: Devotions: First Fridays Explained

July 11th: 60 Minutes: Holy Hour and Adoration Explained

August 8th: Back to School: Keeping Kids Catholic

For more information, contact Mrs. Jennifer Diaz, Dir. of Family Life
[email protected]