Catholics for Freedom of Religion

Invitation to Pray the Rosary Via Conference Call!

Catholics for Freedom of Religion (CFFR) has been hosting a Rosary for Protection & Healing since the National Day of Prayer was declared by President Trump in March and will continue every Sunday during April.  Each Sunday volunteers from CFFR will lead, on our conference-call-line, twelve hours of Rosaries for America.

We welcome you and are blessed by the voices across America raised together to Mary Immaculate, Patroness of the United States.  From 8am to 8pm, every hour on the hour, on every Sunday through April:

  • Dial 515-604-9800
  • You will hear a recording asking for your access code which is 801851#

For each rosary there is a designated prayer-leader.  Someone else has been designated to be the “responder for all” on the call.  Each person on the call is also invited to respond “softly” to avoid a confusion of voices.  We will pray to Mary Immaculate, Patroness of America, for protection from the virus, worldwide healing and the protection of all healthcare workers.

Also, for several years CFFR has been praying a rosary each Wednesday at 8:30pm on the same conference call number as above.  You are invited to call in every Wednesday as we pray for the United States and for our leaders to be wise and steadfast in the protection of our religious freedom.

Please join us in prayer each Wednesday and Sunday to add your intentions.

Carol Jean Walters, State Director, SC CFFR #631-926-0995

America’s First Amendment guarantees its citizens five freedoms, the first of which is Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Religion includes the freedom to worship according to one’s beliefs as well as the freedom to practice that faith in everyday life according to one’s conscience.

So that this First Amendment freedom may be practiced and preserved for generations yet unborn it is essential that Americans understand this freedom and the circumstances from which it came. A fitting place for the development of this understanding and protection of Religious Freedom is inside all faith communities.

Catholics for Freedom of Religion offers resources to parish members who work to support Religious Freedom by initiating parish laity groups with these suggested goals:

  • To educate and inspire for Freedom of Religion
  • To remain non-partisan, advocating for no candidate or party
  • To invite and include other faith communities
  • To become a permanent group within each parish to educate every generation of Catholics about our Freedom of Religion…how rare it is, how dearly it was purchased for us and how certainly it is being lost.
  • To recognize and oppose attacks on Freedom of Religion from any source

For more information, please contact Carol Jean Walters, Director of South Carolina Catholics for Freedom of Religion: [email protected]843-236-0162, 631-926-0995.