Safe Haven- It's Up to You Training

Safe Haven- It's Up to You Training and background screening are mandatory for all church personnel and volunteers who have access to children and/or vulnerable adults as part of work or ministry. Safe Haven Training is designed to help our community create a safe environment by empowering us to recognize and prevent sexual abuse. 

How to complete Safe Haven- It's Up to You Training

To complete the training, follow these four easy steps...

  1. Go to to complete your new online safe environment curriculum.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Start and Complete Safe Haven- It's Up to You training curriculum.
  4. When finished, return to the "Dashboard" and download and print your certificate. Then, submit the certificate to the Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC) at the Parish and/or School where you will be Employed or Volunteering. If you will be employed or volunteering at St. Andrew Church, send or email the certificate to your Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC), Mr. Gregory Allen, Pastoral Associate at [email protected]  

Office of Child Protection Services for the Diocese of Charleston

Policy of the Diocese of Charleston Concerning Sexual Misconduct or Abuse



Background Screening

Receipt of the Policy and Code of Conduct